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The Art of Flirting [Rose♥Kanaya]

Requested Bystitchedmemories

Prompt: Kanaya trying and failing to flirt with Rose.

Pairing (if any): Rosemary (Rose♥Kanaya)

Fandom: Homestuck

Rating: G

Summary: In which Kanaya tries her luck at being bold.

I hope you enjoy! If anyone else has any requests, swing by my Ask. My blog has an autoplay and the little player is in the sidebar to the left~

A page was turned with a lazy flick of a single finger as Rose Lalonde examined a book she had obtained in a rather roundabout fashion. In order to alchemize this (presumably) perfectly translated romance novel that she had stolen borrowed from Karkat for this experiment, she had had to mess around for quite a while with the machine. However, the result had been favorable for the Seer of Light.

A legible Alternian novel, no longer in alien runes.

Before she had really delved too deeply into it, however, she heard the sound of the door opening. The meteor made a lot of people restless, and she actually got visitors pretty often. Friends who wanted to kill the silence of traveling through the middle of nowhere.

Rose arched an eyebrow for a second upon recognizing the luminescent troll who had just entered. A slight smile graced her expression.

"Good evening, Kanaya, did you need something?" She only assumed it was evening because Kanaya had left earlier to sleep. Or so she said.

Kanaya looked oddly nervous, her fangs nibbling at her lower lip. Her eyes were lowered.

Rose frowned slightly. “Kanaya?”

Kanaya cleared her throat.

"If I Were To Come Into Possession Of One Of Your Human Nickels Every Instance I Encountered Someone As Beautiful As Youself, I Would Have Exactly Five Cents."

Rose, who had just lifted a cup of alchemized tea to her lips, nearly spat it out. She placed it down carefully and stared. The corner of her lips quirked up. “Oh really, Miss Maryam?”

Kanaya was still looking somewhat embarrassed, but she went on, leaning her back against the closed door.

"Yes. You Should Also Know That If A Thousand Painters Labored Tirelessly Over A Single Work Of Art, That They Would Still Fail To Match Up To Your Physical Attractiveness By Any Culture’s Standard."

Rose was trying hard not to laugh. She lifted one hand and covered her mouth, the edge of her smirk still visible. “My, my. And just what invoked this storm of compliments?” Pickup-lines had never impressed her, but the way Kanaya said it in her stilted formal fashion made it sort of…endearing.

"It Has To Do With The Fact That You Somehow Absconded With My Heart From The Very First Time We’ve Spoken."

The way she slowed even more over the word “heart” made Rose blink. It was either because that wasn’t the troll word for that beating organ and she wanted to be sure she was saying it right, or else she was just nervous.

Possibly both.

She lowered her hands and leaned back in her chair, fingers steepled now, looking at Kanaya. The rainbow drinker was glancing at her and then away again, her nails braced against the metal door.

"Not that this isn’t charming," her tone was laden with sarcasm and hard to tell if she was being sincere or not. She was. “But it is also rather unlike you, Kanaya.”

Kanaya grimaced and finally met her gaze. “I Know.” She walked nearer to Rose the same way she spoke—cautiously, and slowly. “In Truth, I Was Wondering Whether Or Not I Needed To Be More Forthcoming With My Red Affections In Regards To You.”

"And why is that?" 

She shrugged one shoulder. “It Was Something Someone Advised Me About A Long Time Ago Concerning A Different Person, Though I Lacked The Nerve To Follow Through With Her Advice At The Time.”

Rose nodded slowly. “I see. Yet, you had the nerve to do so with me?”

Kanaya  sat down on the arm of the chair, looking down at Rose. “Yes. Though I Suppose That Is Because My Feelings Concerning You Are Stronger Than Any I Have Experienced Before. It May Also Have To Do With A Change In My Character As A Whole. Perhaps I’ve Undergone Some Form of Emotional Maturity Over The Course of These Last Few Sweeps, Which Would Not Be Surprising Considering—”

"Kanaya, you’re rambling," Rose said in the patient tone of someone who has mentioned it before.

"I Apologize."

"Where did you get these terrible pickup lines…?"

"I Was Advised To Use Them By Dave. Though I Opted Not To Use The One That Tells Of Flavored Colored Candies And Tasting The Rainbow. I Thought It Was In Poor Taste. That Pun Is Also Not Intended."

Rose rolled her eyes. ‘Well that certainly explains a great deal,” she remarked dryly. Reaching out, she touched Kanaya’s face for a moment, a rare smile on her lips. “You don’t have to change anything about yourself. You’re fine as you are, in my opinion, at least.”

Kanaya leaned down and gave a quick kiss.

"As Far As This Is Concerned, Your Opinion Is All That Matters."

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